Conjunto Dicanzas do Prenda ‘N’Zambi N’Guitalelle’ (N’Gola, 1968-69)

by angola45

This is the b-side of Conjunto Dicanzas do Prenda’s 1968-69 single “Brinca na Areia”/”N’Zambi N’Guitalelle”. It is usually referred to as N’Gola’s (the Angolan branch of Portuguese label Valentim de Carvalho based in Luanda) first release, issued with reference number NGA100, probably recorded in 1968. “N’zambi N’Guitalelle”, by Faustino Augusto, is propelled by a distinct Angolan ceremonial rhythm but, as it was de rigueur in those days, the overall setting is closer to Afro-Cuban forms. The percussion and guitar interplay is particularly striking.

Little is known, other then its music, about Dicanzas do Prenda (or Dikanzas). It seems obvious that they were based on Luanda’s Prenda neighbourhood, home of Jovens do Prenda and several other bands. One of its members was Augusto Chakaya.

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UPDATED ON FEBRUARY, 12, 2014, AS PER COMMENT: “Dicanzas – or dicansas – do Prenda was a sixties group led by José Antonio Candido, its founder and main singer. ‘Brinca na areia’ was just one of his songs, alongside ‘Rosa quibanguele’ or ‘menina não vamos a baia hoje’, songs that he declared on the SPA-Portuguese Authors Society and that received airplay on RNA”