N’Goma Jazz ‘N’Gongo Ia Kuvuala Ò Mona Diala’ (N’Gola, 1974)

by angola45

Issued in 1974 by N’Gola with reference number LD-167, Joaquim Pedro Manuel’s “N’Gongo ia Kuvuala ò Mona Diala” is an infectious semba-rumba. While uniquely Angolan it denotes the influence of D.R. Congo’s Franco and Dr. Nico. Arriving from the north in the late sixties, N’Goma Jazz – like Cabinda Ritmos, Super Renovação de Cabinda, Super Coba de Cabinda or Super Landa Bangó – took the Luanda music scene by storm and was soon supporting the likes of Zé Viola, Lourdes Van Dunen, Urbano de Castro, Maria Andreaça, Pedrito or Nito Nunes.

The band, formed in 1964 by core members Garcia Kipioca (voice and percussion), Zé Manuel (lead singer) and Petengué (congas), was firstly named Ritmo Jazz, then Quinteto Angolano and, finally, in 1966, Ngoma Jazz. But it was electric guitar player Matumona Sebastião that accorded the group its most distinct sound. Other members were Caetano Lemos (percussion), Augusto Pedro (rhythm guitar), Ferreira Domingos (bass) and Mangololo (percussion). Worthwhile tracks – marked by a tremendous cultural sensibility – include “Sá Madia”, “Ua Diami”, “Ngongo Jami”, “Ngolo Banza Kamba Diami”, “Madi Ndumba Mbote”, “Yá Mbanza Riqueta”, “Nzolua”, “Belita Kiri Kiri”, “Kubata diá Mwangana” and the B-Side of the present single, “Lola”, which mimics Congo bands with its Latin tinge.