Kinito ‘N’Vula si io Casse’ (Rebita, 1974)

by angola45

“N’Vula si io Casse”, a dazzling semba-rumba, was issued with ref# 1129 by the Angolan label Rebita in 1974. The solo guitar is simply alluring throughout, dreamy and in perfect counterpoint to the beat. The percussion work is unusually busy for Angolan music of the period. And while the male chorus is more conventional, that little melody is terrific and strikingly effective. Part of the lyric has this to say: “modern girls want several boyfriends”. The track was covered in 2009 by António dos Santos Neto, aka Legalize.

Unfortunately, no credits were given with this release. The b-side, “Rumba Lembinha”, is indebted to Congo luminaries like Tabu Ley Rochereau or Franco.

Kinito’s name pops up as an arranger on other Rebita singles and sometimes record credits include a Kinito, a common enough nickname to make it impossible to figure out exactly who we’re talking about, but in all likelihood this is a solo venture from the África Ritmos founder!

Nevertheless, if you have more information about Kinito’s solo work please feel free to use the commentary box.

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