Os Kiezos ‘Semba Popular’ (Ngola, 1972)

by angola45

A tremendous vehicle for lead guitarist Mário ‘Marito’ Arcanjo – a student of legendary Duia, of Os Gingas fame, and note-by-note copyist of Franco in his formative years – “Semba Popular” is one of those unforgettable dance tracks from Os Kiezos. The band – formed on the Marçal neighborhood when Kituxe (Domingos António Miguel da Silva) enlisted Tininho, Adolfo Coelho (the dikanza great who died in 2002) and Marito – was baptized in 1965 after a particularly blazing open-air party in which the stage action was so frantic that an enormous cloud of dust arose beneath the feet of the dancers, making everyone, in jest, cry out for brooms (iezos, in Kimbundu).

Kiezos had their first big show in Luanda’s Ngola Cine in 1969 and debuted on the studio a year later. Vate Costa (1949-2010) and Fausto Lemos joined the ranks and gave voice to huge hits, such as “Za boba”, “Ché-ché mãe”, “Muá Pangu”, “Ku Xingue Ngamba”, “Milhorró” or “Ngana Zambi”, some of a satirical nature, making the band a target for the Portuguese political police just before the independence. [see below another Kiezos post].

“Semba Popular” (issued by Ngola circa 1972 with reference number LD 330) was the b-side for “Lamento de Mingo” – a song dedicated to Mingo, Jovens do Prenda’s and sometime Kiezo’s guitar player, who had just died on a car wreck – and had the following credits:

Solo guitar: Marito
Second guitar: Boto Trindade
Rhythm guitar: Gino
Bass: Zeca
Reco-Reco (or güiro): Adolfo Coelho
Bongos: Juventino
Drums: Julinho
Voice (for the a-side): Antoninho