Jones Manuel ‘Ngevu Fuma’ (Dikanza)

by angola45

(When returning from my latest prolonged absence I posted a crowd-pleaser in the form of África Ritmos; now, after a couple of months away, I guess a rarity of sorts – or a very obscure track at the very least – is more suited)

Here’s Jones Manuel’s ‘Ngevu Fuma’, the b-side for ‘Vamos Produzir’. The title track’s call to arms and unity along the lines of “Now its the time to produce/ to grow the land// Black, white or mestizo/ This is one nation” suggests it was issued sometime after 1975, the year Angola proclaimed its independence.

But ‘Ngevu Fuma’ is such a mysterious little song! Released by Dikanza it features de Valódia band  which included Cirineu Bastos, Cestinho Weba, Rui Cunha, Octávio Kudimá, Rui Mário (solo guitar) and Juca Morgado, although I’m not sure they’re all playing here, and the singer Jones Manuel of whom I know… nothing. Airy, folky and with a guitar solo that sounds psych-informed, it name-checks Sofia Rosa amongst others.

As usual, if you have any information about Jones Manuel please feel free to use the commentary box.

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