Divicky “Malonga” (Rebita, 1974)

by angola45

Its 12pm in Lisbon and the temperature is already way up on its 30s C (90s F) so let me take something cool out of the shelves. “Malonga” was issued by Rebita in 1974 as a b-side to “Yaka Otuna” and features Divicky and the band Os Doidos da Capital. Its pretty laid-back and subdued and, for anybody out there with an awareness of indie rock, suggests a mid-nineties summer jam-that-never-was between David Byrne and The Sea And Cake (bear with me, I told you it was hot). Of course the overall feeling of the track is very close at heart to Congolese rumba’s grooves – I guess I wouldn’t be off the mark to suggest Divicky was directly inspired by OK Jazz’s Vicky Longomba, who by 1974, due to illness, was already retired. Anyway, I own another one of his singles but I’m afraid I wasn’t able to compile any biographical information on Divicky.

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