Super Renovação “Cabinda” (Rebita, 1972-3)

by angola45

Firstly, let me refer you to my October 19, 2012 post, of Cabinda Ritmo’s ‘Filomena’, in which I spoke briefly about a “distinct Cabindan cultural sensibility” and name dropped a few bands, concluding that “Cabinda Ritmos, Super Coba, Ngoma Jazz, Super Renovação, Super Landa Bango, Super R3 and Bela Negra were indeed producing something rather distant from its Luanda counterparts – mellifluous, eloquent, emotionally engaging and fundamentally different”.

Secondly, please check out the wonderful music being digitally shared/preserved at Les Disques Africains, in which this very track was already published.

This is Super Renovação – aka Super Renovação de Cabinda – on a single issued by Rebita in the early 70s. Ref# was R: 1064, the b-side is ‘Jolie Marie Mathé’ and its composer was Casimiro, known as “Cazi”.

As I’ve said before, “Cabinda, once part of a larger territory known as the Portuguese Congo, is a northern Angolan exclave on the Atlantic shores neighboring western D.R. Congo and southern Republic of the Congo”, which pretty much accounts for this slow rumba. But rather than simply mimicking its Congolese counterparts – and, in all likelihood, musical heroes – Super Renovação makes geographic and cultural identity a central theme of its song. The Afro-Latin form proposed as a window onto the growing consciousness of self under Portuguese rule.

Se possui mais informações sobre o conjunto Super Renovação, e outros agrupamentos originários de Cabinda, por favor comente ou entre em contacto!