Conjunto Os Cruzados “Mamana” (Afro Som, 1974)

by angola45

Another gem from Lourenço Marques, this is Os Cruzado’s tribute to Mozambican women. It was recorded by Ribeiro da Silva at R.C.M. studios and issued with Ref# MLSP-134 by the Afro Som label in 1974. The Antoninho and Rone band was one of many in tune with the British Invasion sound, mainly through South African imports; this wonderful organ solo and groovy bass line corroborates that. A couple of posts below you’ll find an 8-track (un)mixed selection of 70s bands and singers from the PALOP (the Portuguese Speaking African Countries) featuring Mozambican recently deceased rock legend and troubled guitar player Jaimito (track 4). Tune in!

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