Juju Tony ‘Isua Ioso’ (Merengue, 1975)

by angola45

Here’s a wonderful semba by Juju Tony celebrating Angola’s independence. “Those who come to harm us can stay on their lands. Nobody has the right to oppress us on our own land. Go, go back from whence you came”, says, in Portuguese, on the back cover. A not so subtle reminder that the Portuguese administration of the territory had come to an end.

It was issued by CDA’s Merengue imprint with ref# MPA-4048, in late 1975, and featured the label’s house band conducted by Carlitos Vieira Dias (son of Ngola Ritmos’s Liceu Vieira Dias and formerly with Negoleiros do Ritmo and Africa Show). As by previous posts (look it up), Conjunto Merengue had by then enlisted Zé Keno (Jovens do Prenda’s lead guitarist), Vate Costa (Kiezos’ singer), Gregório Mulato (the Águias Reais’ percussionist), João Morgado (Negoleiros do Ritmo’s drummer) and Zeca Tirilene.

I believe Paulo Flores covered this song in 2001.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to obtain any biographical information on Juju Tony. If you have any information please feel free to use the commentary box.

Se possui informações biográficas sobre Juju Tony por favor comente!