Vasco Ricardo da Fonseca feat. Conjunto João Domingos ‘Muanaguae’ (Cináfrica, 1967)

by angola45

A last foray into Mozambique before returning to those heavier Angolan sounds that  account for just over 10,000 plays on my Soundcloud tab – thanks everybody!

This is a rare Vasco Ricardo da Fonseca side – and what a sensitive and graceful crooner he was – featuring the wonderful Conjunto João Domingos, apace with Conjunto Young Issufo, Orquestra Djambo and Conjunto Harmonia as one of the greatest Afro-Mozambican bands ever (bear in mind, the very disputable tag I just hesitated to use, and that I don’t really care for, has a specific purpose: to historically extricate those so-called ‘indigenous’ bands – that, blatantly, weren’t all playing Marrabenta – from the dominant, colonist, music scene largely spearheaded by, in some cases, also very exciting, integrated, Luso-Mozambican pop bands, such as Rebeldes, Night Stars, Apaches, Corsários, Inflexos, Conjunto de Oliveira Muge, AEC 68, Impacto or Sérgio & Madi).

Sung in Swahili – mwanangu means ‘my son’ – ‘Muanaguae’ comes off as a very whimsical but somewhat wistful number, with essential contributions from just about everyone in the band. Carlos Santos – check his blog for a bunch of Mozambican goodies here – assures me it was recorded in 1967 by sound engineer Abel Ferrão and that Fonseca hailed from Quelimane, the capital of the province of Zambezia. It was issued by Cináfrica – without a cover – with ref# N3. Its b-side was “Anat’Chuabo Anot’Chaguare’.

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