Pedrito ‘Banda Mulundu’ (N’Zaji, 1975-76)

by angola45

This is the b-side of Pedrito’s 1975-76 single “Comandante Jika/Banda Mulundu”. It was issued on N’Zaji with the reference number TGS 10002 (TGS #1, or Tara-Gramofone #1, by the way, was Mario Gama’s “Presidente”) and was recorded shortly after the death of Comandante Jika (aka Gika, for Gilberto Teixeira da Silva), a leading member of MPLA (the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola), in 1974. “Banda Mulundu”, a traditional song, gets a frenzied semba-rumba arrangement by the famous band Kiezos, fuelled by Marito’s elated electric guitar.

Pedrito (José Manuel Pedrinho’s pet name) is a fixture in the Angolan popular music scene since the late sixties, but chances of recording were few and far between. Although touring frequently he never gave up his day job. After releasing some singles (including songs of religious praising) he became an audience favourite on Angola’s public radio. His first album was recorded, rather late, in Portugal, in the mid-nineties.

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